About Kitsch Attic

About Kitsch Attic

Kitsch Attic designs and produces bespoke and one-off furniture pieces primarily through up-cycling antique or vintage items.

The Core of Kitsch Attic styling ethos is marrying contemporary styling trends with a quality of manufacture and authenticity of design often only found in pieces from a bygone era.

We believe everyone has the right to design their own beautiful home and bespoke commissions are a central part of the business

You may have nothing more than an idea for a piece or you could have everything except the skills needed to bring it all together. No matter what your concept, a coffee table, a sofa, we can work with clients from the design stages right through to sourcing not only the piece itself, but fabric, nice papers, posters, whatever it takes to make sure you have truly unique and beautiful item of which you can be proud to say: “I made that.. kind of.”

Kitsch Attic also holds stocks of contemporary items such as lamp shades, cushions, candles and bags that are purchased directly from the manufacturer. We then give these modern pieces the Kitsch Attic treatment to make them truly spectacular yet affordable addition to your home. The nature of the sourcing means that a number of Kitsch Attic items can be purchased at a time and will be all but identical in appearance.

We also stock a large range of ready to buy pieces that can be purchased through the on-line shop or come and see us at the various shows and events we attend.